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Individual coaching

Whether you seek a new life direction, want to decide and act upon your priorities, re-energize your career, or your business, I can help you clarify your aspirations, reframe and change perspectives on what is limiting you. By bringing back clarity of purpose and choice, you will continue your journey with new resolve and a new lease of life.

The first session (1h)

Get to know each other, design of an alliance on ways of working and expectations, logistics, the little agenda and the Big agenda. 

The discovery sessions (2 to 3 hours) - discover your needs and make an initial Do&Be plan

A fun, disruptive, and potentially already life-changing experience where we explore:

  • What's not working in your life, and what you think the problem is;
  • What could be the underlying causes of your issues;
  • Your spheres of control and influence;
  • What you value and how you would like things to be;
  • The qualities which are your allies and the pitfalls which are your saboteurs
  • A purpose or a sense of direction in life
  • Explore new practices of doing and being

Following sessions (1 h) - getting you to see change and results in your life

  • Coaching sessions take 1 hour and are conducted either face to face or over the phone depending on availability and circumstances.

In-Between sessions - using written communication

  • At the end of the session, I write and send a summary to the client with requests and assignments that we have discussed during the session.
  • I use written digital messages between sessions in order to deepen the coaching process as it offers 3 benefits:
    • Social anonymity: since it is in writing, there are fewer risks of socially desirable behavior between the client and the coach
    • Asynchronicity: a lot of the "work" and the benefit of coaching happens during the sessions by taking actions in the real world. And so ongoing contact between the client and coach during this "rich" period in between sessions accelerate the transformation of the client
    • Structure of thoughts: it helps structure the thinking, helps with the processing of emotions, and anchor in "black and white" the insights gained during the coaching process.

"Be a voice, not an echo."     

- Albert Einstein

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Team coaching

Bring all the spices and flavours from your team, give your team members the opportunity to perform at the next level, start having discussions to unleash their full potential.

You want your team to go beyond its current reality by developing awareness, visualizing complex issues, fostering innovative thinking and improving performance

I can develop tailored interventions to support your team to reconnect to its purpose, chart its path in a complex and ever-changing environment and foster true collaboration and camaraderie.

How it works:

  • Initial meeting to assess the needs, understand  the context and boundary conditions, brainstorm initial solutions/interventions
  • Development of proposal
  • Second meeting to review the tailored proposal and agreement on the terms of the proposal
  • Delivery and execution

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."   - Albert Einstein