Intense and accelerated coaching retreat to unlearn what is no longer serving you, so you can learn what you need for the next step in your life journey.

The retreat is a 1-to-1 program with the coach and is an accelerator compared to a traditional coaching journey that typically lasts many months. This accelerated program takes 5 full days and 4 nights including travel time. 

It brings 2 additional elements to a traditional coaching journey:

  • It takes place in a beautiful natural setting, in the French Pyrenees at the holiday house of the coach (see pictures)
  • It involves physical activities that will be tailored to the season, needs, fitness, and skill level of each participant. Activities available include paragliding, mountain biking, and road cycling, mountaineering, hiking, trail running, alpine or cross-country skiing, and canyoning.

Due to the intense and exclusive nature of the program, both the coach and the participant have to be very comfortable with each other so an intake process takes place where both the participant and the coach assess if they want to do the program together and a customized program is then agreed by both. 

This demanding and intense program is exclusive for men who have experience with the Outdoors, are resilient, courageous, and very committed to personal change and transformation

Each program is unique so no price list is available. Pricing will be discussed as part of the program development.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."   

- Friedrich Nietzsche